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Celebrating Silver Consultants' Remarkable R&D Refund Triumph!

In the close-knit community of Professionals of Wigan (POW), great achievements are celebrated with enthusiasm and pride. Today, we’re spotlighting one of our distinguished members, Silver Consultants, for their astounding success in securing their biggest R&D refund of the year.

Unlocking Hidden Potential
Silver Consultants recently achieved the extraordinary feat of procuring a staggering R&D refund of £205,280 for a valued client. What makes this accomplishment truly remarkable is that the client, a thriving player in the recycling industry, had no inkling of the financial treasure they were sitting on until Silver Consultants intervened.

It was only in June that the client discovered the untapped resource, all thanks to the diligent efforts of Silver Consultants. This newfound knowledge not only injected a substantial financial boost into the client’s operations but also opened doors to a wealth of opportunities. The success story centers around the recycling company’s innovative journey. By developing a cutting-edge app and optimizing their internal processes and systems, they not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also paved the way for this unexpected financial windfall.

Claiming Back Two Years
Silver Consultants’ expertise allowed them to successfully claim refunds for two years of groundbreaking R&D initiatives. This substantial influx of capital signifies more than just a financial boon; it’s a testament to the client’s unwavering commitment to continuous innovation. What makes this achievement even more exciting is the knowledge that the client’s journey in the world of R&D refunds is far from over. With Silver Consultants as their guiding light, they are well-positioned to continue qualifying for substantial refunds in the coming years, showcasing their dedication to ongoing innovation.

Exploring New Horizons
In addition to this remarkable success, Silver Consultants is actively assisting the client in exploring a potential Embedded Capital Allowance claim associated with their commercial property, including a warehouse. This expansion of their financial opportunities demonstrates Silver Consultants’ multidimensional approach to optimizing client gains.

Learn more about Silver Consultants at www.silverconsultants.co.uk