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Spotlight On Business Doctors

Nights are lighter, and it is getting warmer. Spring is here which reminds me of my days as a Flasher!

No need to be alarmed! Many years ago, I was a National Account Manager for Procter & Gamble selling Flash Cleaners to Asda, Morrisons and Kwik Save (remember them?). This time of year was the sales peak for household cleaners as families got the ‘spring clean’ bug.

As business owners, maybe you have, or will be encouraging a spring clean of your premises – clearing out the clutter and freshening everything up.

As your local Business Doctor, the spring clean I provide is more of a metaphor. Now is a great time to tidy up and consider what parts of your operation you want to improve, be it sales, finance or people? We work with ambitious directors, entrepreneurs and business owners who say things like:

  • “We need to boost the new business pipeline”
  •  “We want to get more out of our team”
  •  “Lack of finance is holding us back from our potential”

Sometimes we help turn businesses around. Others may be performing really well, but are hungry for more. Another business may have been treading water but now has the desire to expand.

POW members can also have free access to the Value Builder System for an objective view of how their business is performing and this Business Doctors Ultimate Guide to Growth contains a wealth of information and links to free eBooks packed with help and advice. I’d be delighted to speak to any POW members or your friends and colleagues, who are determined to get unstuck or ‘throw off the shackles’ and accelerate business growth. It costs nothing to chat, and the coffee is on me.