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Spotlight on A2B Financial Solutions

Two questions I am often asked are:
What does a Commercial Finance Broker do?
and, how can they benefit my business?

To answer the first one, over the past eight years and on an ongoing basis I have spent a considerable amount of time with lenders who provide a range of financial products, from investment property finance , development finance, funding for properties for own use, bridging finance, invoice discounting, so many coffee meetings think I have kept Starbucks and Costa in business

Why do I do this, to understand what a lender is looking for when a client approaches them for funding, every lender has different policies, criteria and sectors they operate in, so when I am approached by a client to try and source funding I know which exactly lenders to approach and which would look upon the request favourably and also offer the best terms based on what I am told by the client.

To answer the second one, time is one issue, I approach the lenders on a clients behalf, I gather all the information and submit the request and then take it through the completion dealing with lenders, valuers, solicitors and so on. Leaving the client free to do what they do best. Ie run the business.

I help arrange reports such as Asbestos, fire risk assessments, water and drainage issues and so on anything that a valuer or solicitor may pick up on.

Cost wise, I approach several lenders, not just one several to ensure that I get the best deal I can for the client, that is term, rates and fees and everything is explained to the client at the outset.

I can also help with refinancing and have saved clients thousands in the past by obtaining better deals all of which goes straight into the bottom line . This is even more important in the present climate with rising energy bills, rising base rate and general increasing costs in supplies and transport.

If you think I can help or want to know more about A2B then check out the website www.a2bfinance.co.uk, email me at keith@a2bfinance.co.uk,or call me on 07999797840