Wigan Borough Business Awards


Support a Brighter Future with Daffodils Dreams & Reap the Rewards

Advertise with Daffodil Dreams and achieve a dual benefit – enhanced business visibility and the heartwarming knowledge that you're making a profound difference in children's lives. When you join our mission, here's how we say a heartfelt "thank you".

Every child should thrive, regardless of financial background. At Daffodils Dreams, we provide essentials to underprivileged children, from clothing to toiletries. Our voucher scheme offers them experiences beyond their usual limits. Lacking basic, many struggle in education and self-worth. With your sponsorship, we can equip them for success. Let’s create a world where every child feels valued and ready for their future. Join us in this mission.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have 1 window on the front (Wallgate) and 3 on the side (Caroline Street) remaining.

  • Enjoy a large window advertisement at zero printing costs, ensuring your brand gets the limelight it deserves.
  • Your business will be prominently displayed on our sponsors board, a testament to your commitment to the community.
  • Company details will shine on our front-shop notice board, attracting daily attention.
  • Your logo will be elegantly placed among our ‘Petals of Support’ on our website, certifying your contribution.
  • Benefit from frequent mentions on our active social media platforms, boosting your online presence.
  • Stay informed with updates on impact reports, reminding you of the positive change your business helps bring about.
  • Shop Front Windows on Wallgate: £1000 pa. Side Window on Caroline St: £800 pa.

By partnering with Daffodil Dreams, you’re not just advertising; you’re aligning your brand with a noble cause. Together, we can make dreams come true and ensure every child feels safe, warm, ready to learn, and valued.

Call 07896 811178 to reserve your window today.