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Holiday Season Security with

We are well and truly in the holiday season and many families are taking a hard earned break from work to spend time away with loved ones.

Although it’s the done thing to take that snap of awesome sunset, or the family enjoying a meal, have you thought about the implications that post could bring?

There are several security issues that come with advertising that you are on holiday. Here are the most common ones:

Increased risk of burglary: By publicly sharing that you are on holiday, you are essentially letting potential burglars know that your home will be empty. This puts your property at a higher risk of being targeted for theft or trespassing.

Personal safety concerns: Advertising your holiday plans can also raise personal safety concerns. For example, if someone with malicious intent knows that you are away, they may attempt to break into your house or harass your family members or pets who are left behind.

Social engineering attacks: Sharing your holiday plans on social media platforms can make you vulnerable to social engineering attacks. Scammers or hackers can use the information you provide to gain your trust or impersonate you, leading to identity theft or fraud.

Location tracking: Some people may inadvertently include location information when posting about their holiday on social media. This can enable others to track your movements, which compromises your privacy and personal safety.

Targeted phishing scams: Cyber criminals can take advantage of advertised holidays to send fake emails or messages pretending to be hotels, airlines, or other travel-related services. These phishing attempts can trick you into sharing personal information or making fraudulent payments. To protect yourself, it is advisable to avoid openly advertising your holiday plans on social media or sharing detailed information about your absence. Instead, wait until you are back to share your vacation pictures and memories. Additionally, consider implementing security measures such as using timers for lights or asking trusted neighbours to keep an eye on your property while you are away.

Remember, no security measure can guarantee absolute protection, but by implementing these strategies, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of a break-in and increase your company’s security.

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