Wigan Borough Business Awards


New owner for Wigan Central

Wigan Central opened its doors to thirsty drinkers on 4th December 2014. Owners Patsy and John Slevin envisaged a warm and welcoming pub, designed around a quirky railway theme. Since opening it has grown to become one of the main destination pubs in Wigan.

Renowned for its Real Ale and Craft Beer selection, alongside a wide range of wines and spirits, the pub has received many awards and accolades throughout the years, including being named one of the Top 4 Pubs in the Country by the Campaign for Real Ale in 2017/2018.

The team at Wigan Central has been led by Manageress Jo Whalley since (almost) the beginning. Jo has been working in pubs from the moment she was old enough to pour a pint, and her passion and dedication to hospitality is evident in the way Wigan Central has placed itself firmly within Wigan’s pub scene. After working for Patsy and John for 7 years and building Wigan Central up to be the popular pub that it is, Patsy and John were proud to hand over the reins to Jo in November of 2021, making her the new owner and Station Master.

POW members have been attending Wigan Central monthly since the pub opened and although attempted to try other locations, they’ve been drawn back every time to the fantastic atmosphere, welcoming staff and quality beer. Wigan Central is proud to be the official home of Professionals Of Wigan.