Wigan Borough Business Awards


Professionals of Wigan (POW) is proud to be at the forefront of the Wigan Borough Business Awards, thanks to the visionary leadership of its co-founders, Lisa McAllister and Jamie Grimshaw. With a shared passion for fostering connections and supporting local businesses, Lisa and Jamie are excited to be part of the team behind this prestigious event.

Lisa McAllister, with a background in business development and networking, brings a wealth of experience to POW. As the co-founder of POW, and a Director at Lines Henry Limited, a well-established Insolvency practice, Lisa understands the challenges and opportunities that local businesses face. Her commitment to creating a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and professionals in Wigan has been instrumental in POW’s success.

Jamie Grimshaw, Chartered Banker and Fellow of the Chartered Banker Institute, with expertise in Business Advisory, Banking and Finance, echo’s Lisa’s expertise with his background in Commercial Finance. Jamie, Business Development Director, at Together Money, brings his financial acumen and strategic approach to POW. His creative vision and strategic thinking have been pivotal in shaping POW into a dynamic networking group that brings together businesses from across the borough.

Together, Lisa and Jamie are passionate about driving positive change in the local business community. They believe that the Wigan Borough Business Awards are an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of businesses and individuals who contribute to the borough’s economic and social fabric.

“We are incredibly excited to be part of the team behind the Wigan Borough Business Awards,” says Lisa. “Having worked with local businesses within the borough for many years, we understand the importance of recognition and support in driving business success. These awards provide a platform for local businesses to shine and inspire others in the community.”

Jamie echoes Lisa’s sentiments, adding, “The Wigan Borough Business Awards are a testament to the strength and resilience of our local business community. We are thrilled to play a role in showcasing the talent and innovation that exists right here in Wigan.”

Lisa and Jamie are particularly excited about the networking opportunities that the awards will provide. They see it as a chance for businesses to connect, collaborate, and share ideas for future growth. With POW’s extensive network and expertise in bringing people together, they are confident that the awards will be a catalyst for meaningful connections and partnerships.