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Spotlight On KJ Fire Safety

All you need to know about Fire Risk Assessments, and how they should be conducted properly


What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

Despite being the core of fire safety plans, business owners often overlook risk assessments. An FRA is a thorough review of a building that assesses potential fire risks and recommendations on how to reduce or remove hazards that could impede evacuation. 

If the building has fewer than 5 regular occupants, the FRA doesn’t need to be a physical document. However, we strongly recommend that you keep a physical copy of your FRA so you can make the necessary changes, and it can be reviewed in the future. If your premises is licenced, you must have a physical FRA

By law, your FRA must be reviewed every 12 months, and a new assessment must be conducted every 5 years. Also, you must undertake a new FRA if any of the following happen: 

  • The purpose of the building has changed 
  • The building’s structure has been significantly changed 
  • There has been an increase in occupancy 

If any of these changes happen, you need to conduct a new, physical, FRA as soon as possible. 


Do I need to do a Fire Risk Assessment? 

Fire Risk Assessments are required by law in the UK, so you must conduct one. If you are unable to conduct one yourself, Fire Safety Experts like KJ Fire Safety can do it for you.  


If you have any questions about Fire Risk Assessments, or about any of our services, please get in touch.