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Spotlight on Business Doctors

My World in Five Words!

I often get asked to describe what a Business Doctor does.

When I try to keep it simple and just say that I ‘help’ local business owners and SMEs, I get asked for more detail. However, if I get too enthusiastic and technical, I can sometimes see people ‘glazing over’. Especially at a Friday afternoon POW event when they’ve been enjoying a tipple at Wigan Central!!

To keep it brief, these five words capture the bulk of my work with SMEs :

· Vision,
· Mission,
· Strategy,
· Culture
· Leadership

There’s a few other words you can add to the list, but five is enough for now. Business Doctors have a simple way of helping businesses and business owners to perform better and achieve their vision, by developing plans encapsulating these areas. Importantly, we do it in a no-nonsense down to earth style.

When the plan is in place and the goals are identified, we roll our sleeves up and help our clients. Whereas traditional coaches may charge a monthly fee just to grill you on progress, we don’t just coach, we get on the pitch with you!

That will probably do, you can always contact me to learn more. After all, I don’t want you going into ‘screen saver’ mode!

All you need to remember is that for your business to prosper, contact Steve the Business Doctor.