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Empowering Futures: NRB and True North Development Inspire Change Through Strength-Based Coaching

An extraordinary partnership between NRB Accountants and True North Development, which amplifying the employability programs at Wigan Youth Zone to unprecedented heights. As part of their silver patronage, NRB has extended a helping hand to empower young individuals by offering enriching strength-based coaching sessions facilitated by True North Development. 

This exceptional opportunity has proven to be a transformative experience for the young adults enrolled in our programs. Through a tailored online assessment, participants received personalised reports highlighting their strengths, setting the stage for impactful one-to-one coaching sessions. The results have been nothing short of inspiring, offering a unique chance for personal growth and development. 📊💪 

Imagine the impact of engaging with true experts who understand the profound influence of strengths and how they can be harnessed to achieve personal goals. It’s a game-changer, unlocking doors to possibilities that go beyond the ordinary! 🚀 

But rather than taking our word for it, let’s hear directly from the young people who have embraced this empowering journey: 

Max shared his experience: “It went really well, and I’ve been able to use my strengths to talk about myself for longer during interviews and meetings where I need to. I have also been able to talk about myself using my results in my current voluntary job where I work with adults with disabilities so they can get to know me better.” 

Scye expressed the impact: “The session made me realize so many things about myself, and since then, I have been working a lot more to my strengths. It’s been interesting seeing how much more efficient I am when I put different strengths of mine to the front and use them in my job and college. It’s also led to my anxiety calming down a lot as I know how to control certain traits that may have caused that, thanks to advice I had received during the session. All in all, I really enjoyed the session, and the advice given was very eye-opening and helpful.” 

But the impact doesn’t stop here! True North Development is excited to extend this opportunity to other businesses, offering a chance to nominate a charity for FREE Strengths coaching sessions. Four sessions, with a combined value of £2000, will be awarded to the winning charity. This is an incredible opportunity to ignite positive change in the lives of young individuals, and we invite you to be a part of it. 

Nominate & Catalyse Change:
Message True North Development with your nomination
it could be the key to unlocking a brighter future! 

Who Would Benefit?: Strengths coaching is a powerful tool for those who have undergone significant life changes, individuals seeking a new chapter in their careers, or those yet to recognize their potential due to their circumstances, among others. Strengths coaching enhances self-awareness, confidence, and resilience. 

Hurry – Nominations Close on 20th December: Act now to be a catalyst for change, and stay tuned for the winner announcement on the 22nd! 

Even if Your Nominated Charity Isn’t Drawn: For all companies looking to support a great cause, we’re offering a special deal in December. Book a 2-hour coaching session for your partner charity for just £250 – that’s 50% off our regular price. 

Let’s make this holiday season one of giving and empowerment! 🌈✨